+ how does sprei wash work?

we use a special eco-friendly spray, the right tools and an awesome trained staff to leave your car spotless.

+ where does sprei operate?

we are currently in 4 areas in Orlando: Celebration, Dr Phillips, Winter Park and Windermere. you can send us an email or call us to confirm if we come to your area.

+ does a waterless car wash scratch my car?

this is a common myth! If you have the right products, tools and training it will not damage your car at all

+ does the waterless car wash spray contain chemicals that harm the environment?

our special spray does NOT contain any harmful chemicals. It’s eco-friendly!

+ is a sprei wash the same as detailing?

nope. its a car wash that leaves your car shining. Think of it as a replacement of your typical car wash but waaaay better.

+ what happens if I need to reschedule?

we understand life happens, just please give us a heads up to reschedule: at least 4 hours in advance

+ what if the weather isn’t suitable for a sprei wash?

it is florida, so you know the crazy unexpected weather: we might have to reschedule if the conditions aren’t suitable

+ what if I’m not satisfied with my sprei wash?

we love our customers and want them to be happy, so if you’re not satisfied the sprei wash is on us!